We are thrilled to share with you some extraordinary achievements from our law firm in 2023. Throughout the past year, our dedicated team of legal professionals has tirelessly advocated for our clients, securing outstanding results across a diverse range of cases throughout the Pacific Northwest. We take great pride in our commitment to excellence, and these victories stand as a testament to the hard work and expertise of our attorneys, paralegals and staff.

Here are just a few highlights from our remarkable trial wins and superior client representation in 2023:

1. Thurston County Triumph:
In a challenging 2 1/2-week trial in Thurston County, our attorneys Eric Gillett and Greg Latendresse with tremendous paralegal support from Jamie Cheatham secured a resounding victory for our client. Through meticulous preparation and strategic advocacy, we achieved a favorable outcome that underscores our firm’s dedication to delivering positive results for our clients..

2. Snohomish County Success:
Led by our skilled attorneys Bennett Hansen, Chris Roslaniec, and Cathi Hultz, our team prevailed in a rigorous 2-week trial in Snohomish County. Despite significant challenges the team secured a successful outcome which included 90% comparative fault assigned to the plaintiff, and a favorable verdict.

3. King County Resolution:
In another notable case, our attorney Brett Masch, supported by Ashley Talbot, skillfully negotiated a 2-week trial in King County. Through skillful representation we were successfully able to reduce the plaintiff’s initial demand of $34,000,000 to an award of $850,000, demonstrating our firm’s ability in achieving favorable settlements on behalf of our clients..

4. Oregon Excellence:
Our Oregon team, led by Evan Aronson and Elizabeth Tindell, showcased their legal ability in a 4-day trial in Yamhill County. Despite the plaintiff’s substantial ask, our team secured an award that was less than 15% of the original demand, highlighting our firm’s ability to achieve favorable outcomes even in the face of adversity.

5. Eastern District Defense:
In a significant victory, our accomplished attorneys Chris Roslaniec and Amber Hazelquist successfully defended against a bad faith claim and violation of the Insurance Fair Conduct Act in the Eastern District of Washington. Through their expertise and diligence, our team protected our client’s interests and received a favorable verdict .

These triumphs underscore our firm’s unwavering dedication to advocating for our clients’ rights and interests. As we reflect on the successes of 2023, we remain committed to delivering unparalleled legal representation and achieving positive results for those we represent.