Data Security and Breach Response

Information security, privacy, and the risks and challenges posed by potential data breaches are increasingly important and complex issues facing organizations of all types and sizes. Preg, O’Donnell & Gillett advises clients on all aspects of data security, from front-line measures to prevent breaches in the first place, to helping clients navigate through breach events.

Our data security attorneys educate clients and their employees on proper “cyber hygiene” to minimize the risk of unauthorized access to data by third parties. Through our relationships with highly skilled vendors, we help clients conduct security assessments and penetration testing so they can fully understand the threat environment specific to their situation. We draft Data Privacy Agreements, Bring Your Own Device policies, and vendor agreements for our clients that ensure data privacy is accounted for, both in their business relationships and in their own Human Resources environment.

If a client is interested in information security or “cyber” insurance, we can advise them on their options and help them prepare for the underwriting process. In the event of a data breach, we serve as breach counsel, coordinating with all client principals including IT and the C-suite to contain, diagnose, and neutralize the breach, and then identify and meet any notification obligations.

The wide array of challenges presented by data security issues can be daunting. Our data security attorneys help clients meet those challenges head-on.

Lawyers Practicing Data Security and Breach Response

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