Headed by our Managing Partner, Eric Gillett and Partner Bill Cornell, our mediation services couple deep expertise in the law with a keen understanding of what motivates both parties in a dispute — offering clients a highly refined negotiation strategy which:

  • Drives efficiency
  • Ensures adherence to legal considerations
  • Offers streamlined, mutually agreeable solutions
  • Provides overall cost savings

We believe in thoroughly preparing for a mediation, with early engagement and frank, pre-mediation discussions with counsel to:

  • Gain a solid understanding of issues
  • Uncover dispute resolution considerations
  • Understand the “human side” of both parties
  • Create accurate modeling and substantiated settlement valuations

Experience and a high degree of emotional intelligence uniquely positions us to overcome the most challenging disputes. Our commitment to impartiality enable us to offer creative solutions to “break logger heads” and provide both parties with a fair and just outcome. Above all, we are focused on being respectful and unbiassed to all involved parties.

For more information about Eric’s fully committed mediation practice, visit, or to learn more about Bill’s work, click here.

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