Breaches of privacy and data security are not limited to large corporate entities or government agencies. Education is increasingly becoming a target for attacks by advanced persistent threats including nation-states and sophisticated hacking groups. While many more high profile attacks have been at the university level, K-12 is not immune from this pervasive and growing threat.

Preg, O’Donnell & Gillett partner Jeffrey Daly, CIPP-US, will be discussing data security and privacy issues specific to the K-12 setting at the 2019 Spring conference of school attorneys on Friday, April 12th. His discussion will provide an overview of the cyber threat landscape in general, threats faced by those in the education space, and specific attack vectors and breaches relating to the K-12 environment. He will also discuss a variety of techniques that attorneys representing school districts can use to protect their clients from breaches, and how to be prepared to address those breaches if they occur.