The POG trial team, consisting of Eric Gillett, Greg Latendresse, and Jamie Cheatham achieved a solid victory after a 2 1/2 week jury trial in Thurston County before the Honorable Mary Sue Wilson.

Plaintiff’s demand never went below the policy limit of $1M and he asked the jury for more than $4M. The jury returned a verdict for $25,000. Most importantly, the clients were delighted with the result.

While the result was about as good as we could have imagined, the process and the teamwork to get there is what will be remembered by this trial lawyer. The trial team, as well as our in-office support, functioned like a well-oiled machine. Because of the hard work put in by everyone, we were able to maneuver around every obstacle plaintiff and his attorney placed in our way. Thanks to everyone for making this a positive and rewarding experience.